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The original idea for GrillCheeks started in early 2019 when I was in my kitchen preparing dinner. I had on a pair of nice pants, and while working away, I did what I have done instinctively for years, wipe my hands on my butt to clean them off. I immediately dirtied my pants right on the back pockets.

As I shared my experience with others, I realized I was not alone and dirty hand prints on the back of pants have been confounding chefs, cooks, and grillmasters through the ages!

And then the idea hit me…a butt apron!

I quickly started searching to see if the product existed and even went on the US patent and trademark office’s website to determine if anyone else had filed an application for such a unique take on the age-old apron. Not a one!

The next day I drove to the local fabric store with an idea in my head, but no knowledge of how to actually make a butt apron. I floundered around in the store seeking the help and guidance of both employees and customers.

When I got to the cutting station, I tried to explain exactly what I was thinking of doing, and fortunately, all of the kind ladies in the store had great advice for me. No advice was greater, however, than that that I got from Pam Lea, a store regular. Pam had a vision and knew exactly what I was looking to accomplish.

I ended up giving Pam the fabric that I purchased and she went off to create our first prototype. After a few design tweaks, we had what we now know is the ideal apron to protect your pants from stains. Pam remains a participant in the company!

We now have a patent and a seasoned team of fashion and design experts that understand all aspects of global apparel manufacturing, and the perfect name for the butt apron….


GrillCheeks are washable, one-size-fits-all, and incredibly fashionable – perfect for the man who loves to grill or the woman who wants comfort and flexibility.

About Doug

Doug spent over 20 years as a television producer, producing both award-winning long and short form content. He then got the entrepreneurial itch and built his first company, PlaySportsTV. PlaySportsTV is a youth sports coaching and instructional video-based website that was ultimately sold in 2015.

Doug is now developing a wellness product called LYT (www.lytlife.com). LYT offers brief, immersive sessions of light and sound designed to create a sense of calm and well-being.

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